Restoring our River


Our beautiful River Avon is full of pollution.

Our aim is to restore our river to health so that it is a thriving home for wildlife and a safe environment for us all to enjoy.


Please report any potential pollution incidents to us – click here

Our Aims

Our goal is to improve the health of the River Avon in the Vale of Evesham so that the river is a thriving home for wildlife and a safe environment for us all to enjoy.

  • To carry out monthly sampling of the river water quality along the River Avon from Evesham to Pershore. The purpose of this would be to have our own data to use to raise awareness locally but also to contribute to the Angling Society’s Water Quality Monitoring Network (WQMN) national database. You can view our results here.
  • To raise awareness in the local community of the health of the River Avon and its importance to our environment. The more people we have who are happy to show their support for a clean river the easier it will be to make positive change.
  • To influence individuals and organisations who have a responsibility for the health of the river or who have a direct impact on river water quality.  We want to see positive change in the water quality of the River Avon.


For many years

The river at Fladbury has been used for recreation by paddlers and swimmers. 

2021 Fish disappear

In the autumn of 2021, Girling Angling Society reported that fish had disappeared from the stretch of the River Avon below Cropthorne and Fladbury Mill. 

Inital testing carried out

Frank contacted Glyn Marshall, chairman of Worcester Angling Society, who had been doing his own pollution testing on the Severn, Avon and Teme, which was featured on ITV Central News. He came and tested the water at Fladbury and found that the phosphate levels were very high. This was the start of the continued monitoring of the Avon at Fladbury.

Testing programme starts

The Angling Trust “Water Quality Monitoring Network” (WQMN) went live early May 2022 and the Girling Angling Society began to measure water quality at Jubilee Bridge in May and have continued to take measurements throughout the 2022/23 season.

2022 swimmers become ill

A local resident, Louise Bugg, got involved after reports of people becoming ill after swimming in the river. 

Testing is expanded

Girling Angling Society who have welcomed Lou to join them and to start testing further sites up stream from Jubilee Bridge. The aim was to gather data from a number of sites over a period of time to use as evidence of the water quality and as part of the discussions with both the EA and Severn Trent (ST) who run the sewage treatment plant in Evesham.


Ian Southcott (Chair of Fladbury Parish Council), Roger Davies (Chair of Charlton Parish Council) and Louise Bugg were invited by Elizabeth Eyre (Worcestershire County Councillor) to the Wychavon Rural Panel to discuss the sampling results which have been gathered from the River Avon in Fladbury.  Representatives from the Environment Agency (EA) and Severn Trent Water were at the meeting and acknowledged our sampling results reflect poor water quality in the area.  It was agreed that a small group from the 3 villages (Fladbury, Charlton and Cropthorne) start a working group liaising with EA, STW and other local organisations such as Worcestershire Wildlife with the aim to try to establish a plan to improve the water quality.  

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