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What can you do to get involved? 

Join us – get in touch and come to a meeting

Get in touch here to find out more

Sign up for our newsletter

While we gather evidence it would be great to keep in touch so that as we take action we can let you know how to help.   Go to the bottom of our Home page to sign up.

Write to your local councillor

Write to your local councillors at Wychavon District Council about how important river health is to you 

Find Councillor details

Write to your MP

Write to your MP to tell them they need to make river health a priority for the government

Find your MP

Tell your friends and family about us

The more people who know about AvonVale River Action Group and show their support for a clean river the easier it will be to make positive change

Connect with us on social media

We need help to spread the word about what we are doing… we would be grateful if you could follow us and share our posts

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